Helping Business Owners With Real Estate Assets

Convergence CPA Group helps owners of businesses with real estate assets to increase cash flow by accelerating federal tax depreciation on certain construction costs. Newly constructed buildings typically possess the largest cash flow benefit derived through accelerated tax depreciation, but even older buildings constructed in prior years may also generate significant tax savings.

A Full-Service Approach

Our experience in real estate tax advisement allows us to provide a full-service approach to cost segregation that takes into account the constantly changing tax laws to identify significant tax savings.

We Perform Detailed Cost Reconciliations to Secure Cash-flow Benefits

Identify construction-related assets on new projects that qualify for bonus and accelerated depreciation and existing facilities that qualify for accelerated depreciation.

Identify facilities that were either constructed or acquired in prior years for implementing retroactive tax depreciation changes.

Prepare Form 3115 to implement the accounting method change and the favorable catch-up depreciation adjustments. Normally this method change is automatic, with the favorable adjustment being taken in the current year with no amended tax returns.

Identify energy-efficient technologies on new or renovated buildings eligible for incentives such as the §48 business energy investment tax credit and the § 179D energy-efficient commercial buildings deduction.

Identify opportunities for property tax reductions and certain sales tax exemptions.

Assist you in grouping your real estate assets into the Unit of Property (UOP) in order to properly capitalize or deduct certain repair expenses.