Our Strategy Consulting Services Provide Real Value

We actively participate as a strategy consulting firm in a number of regional and national networking organizations to enable the exchange of new ideas affecting the franchising industry. Because our team members are experienced in serving a large variety of different franchising businesses, we have developed a number of unique solutions to give your franchising business an advantage over other franchisees and independent small business owners operating within the same industry and market. For both new and established franchising operations, we help you remain in front of emerging industry issues and maintain regulatory compliance.

Multi-Unit Support For Franchisors and Franchisees
We Have Extensive Franchising Experience

While others may believe that having a corporate “parent” means franchise owners and operators require less personalized attention, we understand that operating a successful franchise in a competitive economy can be overwhelming, with the complex tax rules and voluminous paperwork compliance.

Services For Franchisors

Royalty free agreements, calculations, and audits

Franchise and finance structure planning

Business and personal tax planning and compliance

Financial reporting and performance benchmarking

Expansion scenarios

Succession and estate planning, business valuations, and mergers and acquisitions

Deferred compensation and employee benefit plans

Audits, reviews, and compilations

Internal control reviews

Fraud prevention and detection

Services For Franchisees

Franchise acquisitions

Business plan development and assistance with financing

Legal and tax entity selection

Business plans and valuations

Compliance with franchise agreements

Review of franchise disclosure documents

General bookkeeping, tax, accounting and payroll services

Internal control reviews, and fraud prevention and detection

Key performance indicator (KPI) and best practices consulting

Personal financial and estate planning