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Corporate Tax Outsourcing

Customize Your Level Of Engagement

When structured properly, an outsourced tax function should pay for itself. By contracting with Convergence CPA Group, CFO’s or tax directors can customize their level of engagement to more effectively manage their compliance processes, internal costs, and employee resources. We have found that cost reduction from tax outsourcing usually results in 30% to 50% savings through reduced head counts, training, software, and technical literature. This will allow you to meet workload demands during busy season without adding staff.

What Sets Us Apart

We structure every engagement in advance under a fixed fee arrangement rather than billing for hourly work; this fixed fee arrangement propels us to become more efficient and effective while meeting your personalized expectations and the level of value desired. However, this fixed fee arrangement doesn’t mean you’ll be forced to accept a limited or compromised level of service. Our professionals have wide-ranging expertise in tax administration and process improvement that will allow you to focus on other high value strategic initiatives. Through our streamlined and automated tax return compliance processes, we help reduce manual procedures, overpayments, errors on returns, notices and penalties.

Reallocate Your Tax Resources

Improve Your Efficiency

As a top Denver Metro area CPA firm specializing in corporate tax outsourcing, our clients get to reallocate their tax resources to more important objectives while improving efficiency and leveraging industry-leading tax knowledge and expertise.

Our Specialized Outsourcing Services

Federal, multi-state, and international income tax compliance

Tax provision assistance with ASC 740 (formerly FAS 109) and valuation allowances

FIN 48 computations and disclosures for uncertain tax positions

Audit representation, coordination, appeals, and voluntary disclosure agreements

Preparation of automatic and manual tax accounting method changes

Tax credit opportunities

Analysis regarding tax implications of mergers and acquisitions

§382 analysis for net operating losses and utilization of other tax attributes

Federal and state tax depreciation issues, including cost segregation studies

Our Specialized Tax Compliance Solutions

State allocation and apportionment reviews

Compliance loan staff arrangements

Nexus studies

Tax provision and compliance automation projects

Use of client portals to communicate with internal and external professionals, document management, data sharing, and calendaring due dates and reminders for compliance.

Tax compliance and provision software expertise, including: Corptax, Vertex, OneSource, GoSystem, TaxStream, UltraTax and CCH

Tax automation expertise including: Hyperion and BPC

Expatriate and relocation tax returns for company executives working abroad

Develop A Custom Plan

Contact us today to discuss how we can bring significant cost savings to your company and allow you to focus on high-value tax planning by developing a customized plan to outsource elements of your tax department.