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Manufacturing and Distribution

A Support Network for the Manufacturing and Distribution Industries

The professionals at Convergence CPA Group have a long history of delivering value for growth-oriented middle-market manufacturing & distribution businesses. We can provide services more efficiently than larger firms, which enables you to bring new products to market more quickly and in a more cost-effective way.

Our manufacturing and distribution practice group is one of the leading accounting firms in the Denver Metro area because we provide real value to our clients beyond the normal tax compliance work. We work with clients to manage multi-state and foreign taxes, and we can apply government subsidies and incentives along with R&D tax credits to lower market expansion costs.

We Can Help You

Improve your production processes

Control volatile energy costs

Improve inventory management

From Small To Large Fims

We Provide Customized Solutions

We work with a diverse range of manufacturing and distribution companies; from small to large; from local to national. This background and deep understanding has allowed us to provide customized solutions to our clients.

Our Customized Solutions

§41 Research and development tax credits

§199 Manufacturing deductions

§263A Uniform capitalization rules

Optimization of state and local taxation

Multi-state and local income and sales tax nexus issues

Tax credits for manufacturers and distributors

State manufacturing exemptions

Obsolescence planning to accelerate tax depreciation and reduce current tax liability

Cost segregation and component depreciation

Our Direct Operation Support Services

Inventory valuation methods

Standard costing and variance analysis

Benchmarking reports and industry surveys

Product and customer profitability analyses

Asset management for inventory and plant equipment

Lean manufacturing and other process methodologies

Supply chain and logistics

Development of internal management reporting systems

Production and inventory control system reviews

Internal control evaluations

Operational reviews

Significant Tax Savings

Contact us today to discuss some of the significant tax savings and process improvements we have been able to obtain for our Manufacturing clients.